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We are mycelium

 We are mycelium.

Like the invisible, underground web of mushroom mycelium, Mission Mycelium is a dynamic rooted network that builds and sustains vast and reciprocal connections.  At Mission Mycelium we nourish social movements, organizations, and leaders to grow and flourish. From within the soil that sustains all of our lives on Earth, mycelium weaves relationships between the roots of trees and plants, skillfully sharing resources to support the entire ecosystem. At Mission Mycelium we dedicate ourselves to doing the same for social justice movements, connecting movements and resources to each other in meaningful ways.

Alison Mcrary standing on train tracks

Grow with us!

Inside Louisiana State Capitol testifying for non-unanimous jury retroactivity

Like the “wood wide web” that inspires us, Mission Mycelium is constantly adapting, interpreting our environmental circumstances and distributing nourishment to the social movements needing it the most. The word mycelium means “more than one,” serving as a metaphor that no justice work is done alone. There are no solo acts, because we are all interconnected into the web of the whole. Each organization or project develops individual and flexible characteristics, but always in connection with the communal mycelial body, where we learn from each other and co-evolve. Let’s myceliate!

Grow with us
Protect the movement

We keep us safe.

Mycelium shows us our collective ability to provide for our own needs, protect against harm, share information, and expand our roots into necessary sites of growth. The network also fosters intergenerational relationships, channeling the ancient wisdom and strength of older trees to benefit younger generations. These mushrooms affirm a commitment to building relationships of trust that encourage all life to bloom. Mycelium is an open-ended, dynamic, self-repairing structure that can continually respond to the changing needs of our social movements. We believe in transformative, community-based systems of repair.

Prayer Vigil in front of the govorners mansion in support of clemancy for those on death row
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What we offer:

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At Mission Mycelium, we create a dynamic underground network of movement offerings that includes:

  • Social Change Campaigns—advocating to end the death penalty, ending mass incarceration, and supporting immigrant rights

  • Death Row Ministry that supports people on Louisiana's Death Row, their families & victims' families

  • Interfaith Organizing with faith leaders on a variety of social justice issues

  • Conflict Resolution trainings, mediation & Restorative Justice circles

  • Movement strategy support & coaching for social justice leaders

  • Pro-bono legal services for New Orleans’ cultural bearers and musicians

  • Rapid-response legal support for social justice movements

  • Strategic planning & retreat facilitation for social movement groups

  • Spiritual advising & ritual facilitation for events, organizations & individuals

  • Providing for unmet needs in our communities that fall through the gaps of the current non-profit ecosystem; such as migrant support and mutual aid.

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